Parental Advocacy

“Yes, I can.”
At Lincoln Associates, we begin our parental advocacy work with this belief.

Every child’s path through the educational system is different. And, it should be. As a parent, your road map must vary as well. At Lincoln Associates we help you, the parental advocate, guide your child with strength, knowledge, and the tools required to get your student on the right path for life. Parental advocacy coaching creates opportunities for success through your student’s educational transitions. Studies repeatedly point to an empowered advocacy model as a primary means towards a student’s successful educational experience. Lincoln Associates gives you the tools to be your child’s strongest proponent.

How do you know if you are maximizing every available tool and opportunity?

Gail Lincoln and her team advocate for students to prevent missed opportunities in the educational system.

Learning is an interactive process. We will work together to ensure that your student makes full use of their potential by integrating the skills and strengths they may develop in school with expanded opportunities and outcomes.

“Through organized planning and decision-making, Gail has helped many young learners experience success and growth in the regular classroom setting. She has worked with parent advisory groups to support parent learning in literacy, advocating for successful outcomes and achievement of goals. Gail is well-versed in the special education domain, literacy learning, and regular education mandates. She will work hard to support students in achieving their goals.”

Lauren Hinckley-Gordon