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Lincoln Associates is a parental advocacy coaching firm. We believe that knowledge that is power, for your student and for you. 

No student’s learning experience is typical. Whether your student has a delay or is excelling, knowing the proper steps and creating a game plan in our schooling system presents its own set of challenges that we are especially equipped to help guide you through.

Parental advocacy means arming yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve a solid, actionable game plan for your student’s success in grade school and beyond. 

Lincoln Associates’ parental advocacy coaching​ is non-directive and nonjudgmental. Our goal is to support you and to instill confidence in caregivers so that they can find their own way forward, articulating their student’s strengths and weaknesses and successfully creating an individualized, continuous learning pathway.

Our coaching philosophy​ focuses on the absolute belief that individuals who learn differently should have every opportunity available to them. Our coaching​ allows individuals to share their concerns, learn and actively participate in the scholastic transitioning process.

Simply put, at Lincoln Associate we will empower you with all of the tools and knowledge needed to do and get what is best for your student.