Our Mission

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Lincoln Associates assists caregivers in advocating for their student who learns differently. Our goal is to see your student successfully transition through grade school, with all available supports, and into the postsecondary educational setting that is best for them and their goals for the future.

Navigation of any scholastic institution’s version of “reasonable accommodations” and available services can be tricky. Becoming an educated advocate for your student as early as the first diagnosis and/or the first IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is critical to your student’s future successes.

We will assist you in exploring specific academic adjustments, modifications, services, and resources in whatever path of schooling you choose for your student — from grade school through post secondary institutions.

Together, we will develop and implement systems and structures to reach your student’s goals and ultimate potential.

About Gail

“Tell me, and I forget. Involve me, and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

The words above epitomize my personal belief in human potential, and my collaborative approach to parental advocacy coaching.

As a 38-year educator, in special and regular public education, I have extensive knowledge and experience in scholastic advocacy. I can ensure that your student makes full use of their potential by integrating the skills and strengths they may develop in school with expanded opportunities and outcomes.

I have a Masters of Education/Special Education and extensive expertise in the Individual with Disabilities, American with Disabilities, 504 Rehabilitation, and the Human Rights Acts. This knowledge base allows me to help you access specialized services, accommodations, and assistive technologies for students with IEPs or 504s. 

I will provide information on policies, procedures, rights and responsibilities while maintaining clear guidelines and goal-specific details for student success and personal development.

I advocate for students to prevent missed opportunities. Through this learning and growing process, I assist in developing plans of action to achieve substantial results to ensure your student’s absolute success.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your student. 

Welcome to the Lincoln Associates family.

“She has developed individualized lesson plans that are designed to accelerate learning and lift the young learners to the average of their class. Her focused planning and framework of each lesson is clearly designed for each student and her students feel comfortable and confident in her classroom.”

Maria Ferris-Bouchard
Literacy Specialist
Benton Elementary School