Lincoln Associates

At Lincoln Associates we understand the feelings of parents and caregivers working to navigate the complexities of our school systems. 

Proper parent–school collaboration, ensures that all students with (and without) disabilities make optimal academic progress and that their parents no longer encounter difficulties as they navigate the special education system.

Whether your student is excelling in the classroom or in sports, or they are in the midst of a suspected diagnosis or general period of struggle, we have the tools and the knowledge to prepare you for optimal advocacy.

A total of 70% of parents of children with disabilities believe that their children lose services because parents do not know their rights (Public Agenda, 2002).

Parental advocacy coaching creates far greater opportunities for success through your student’s educational transitions. Studies repeatedly point to an empowered advocacy model as a primary means towards a student’s successful educational experience.

What is a parental advocacy coach?

As a parent this may very well be your first experience with the intricacies of our special education system.

For parental advocacy coaches this is what we do. We know the laws, requirements, tendencies, and all of the other details that go along with ensuring that your child has every possible tool available to them.

At Lincoln Associates we have over 30 years of experience with which to draw from. We have walked countless families through this process (including our own children) and we are committed to facilitating success and easing the process for your family.

We set meaningful goals and walk beside you as your student reaches them. Let’s start the conversation. Tell us about your student in the form below.

“Her 30+ years of experience in regular and special education will afford parents not only information, but perspective to begin the journey of assisting their own child reach their full potential. I have no doubt you will find that she is not only an advocate for your child, but also a tremendous support to you as parent. If you are feeling overwhelmed by statistics that come with testing; and, vocabulary involved in interventions to assist your child, I strongly recommend you give Gail Lincoln a call.”

Cynthia Gagne, MS, MED
School Counselor K-3